Friday, May 21, 2010

Alien vs Pooh

Something I stumbled upon yesterday (not using Stumbleupon btw). 43 pages of some very inventive, cheerful horror. Presented in the style of a Winnie the Pooh storybook, sort of. The illustrations are child-like in tone, scribbly things really, with the whacked-out perspectives of kids' drawings. They're drawn with crayons and pencil, and it works with the overall vibe of the thing. It like something you might find drawn in a kid's doodle pad, if the kid had seen the Alien and Predator movies plus had some, ahem, "issues".
There are at least two pages in this which made me laugh out loud.

Alien VS Pooh

Click on it foo'.

Yes that's Tigger in a power loader.


  1. wat

    From the bottom of my astonished brain, I declare that only you could find such a thing in the Internets. This is WONDERFUL. I shall pass it to a friend who's a big Disney fan.

  2. Marvelously imaginative, isn't it?

  3. Indeed, and she got pleasantly freaked out like me. =D

    (She's my dA friend ~BananaMari BTW.)