Friday, May 7, 2010

New Zealand Songs of F*cking Angst pt. 3

Ah, now here we go kids, here we go.

A bitter, nasty little song from Supergroove, a NZ funk band better known for far more "cheerful" fare. They put out a EP called Tractor many years ago, full of twisted ditties which explore various aspects of isolation, disenfranchisement and the gnawing maw of depression. Its very rare, this EP, and almost impossible to find. I am lucky I have a copy. Bought it back when it was released, I was really young.
Anyway, Scone Farm. One of the darkest slices of raw funk you'll ever hear. Scratchy guitars, walloping bass, nasty brass, yelling about being "skullfucked".
And Jesus H. Christ, the drums on this track sound MONSTROUS.
"Welcome to the factory, I wanna smash its skull."

Scone Farm by ChloeKovac

Here's a link to another Supergroove song, the best audio quality of a Supergroove song I could find on youtube. Features co-vocalist Che Ness (now known as Che Fu), one of the best singers to come out of NZ, in my opinion. I link this to you for the purposes of displaying a different side of this band. You might recall my cousin whinging about what Che has become, in her guest Randomitronica post from a while ago.

I understand there is also a funk band called Supergroove from Brazil. Is that correct?

xo Chloé


  1. Indeed, Tractor is rare enough to not have an article on Wikipedia.

    That sounded an awful lot like a question for me. I bothered to make a seven-second search, and you're right, Brazil's got a funk playing Supergroove. Matter of fact, it's a band from my CITY and I wasn't aware. Dear Christ. *facepalm*

  2. It was indeed a question aimed at you. The only reason I found out about the Brazilian Supergroove is because one of their songs came up on youtube while I was looking for a link to the NZ Supergroove "Sitting Inside My head" song.

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