Friday, May 28, 2010

Rap Against Rape: Rolling in the WTFs

Rolling in the WTFs, getting sticky with their filth.
Oh God, its like a combination of your uncles, high school math teachers and your dad's accountant got together to create... one of the most bizarre things I have witnessed in an age. And they're deadly serious.

OK, its a serious subject, and I applaude them them for getting out there and spreading a worthy message; rape is a heinous and vile thing, and is definitely NOT something that our global society should tolerate, nor pretend doesn't exist. Good on them for raising funds for and awareness of the Rape Crisis Centre.
But fuck me slowly with a chainsaw*, what the hell is going on in their minds?
And what's up with their outfits? Eugh! "They certainly are a little differnt" says the guy who introduces them at the start. Ya got that right, buster. Verily, 1990 was a strange, tasteless time in Western history. Sure, I'm nitpicking over their awful dress sense and their useless abortion of a rap tune, and there are bigger issues at play here.
But this is the Randomitronica blog, and this clip falls quite, quite within the realm of pure, unadulterated random.

Next week I will have a post about a comic on the web. Huzzah!
~Chloé O_O

*A quite possibly poor choice of words there.


  1. When I was finally managing to kinda stand the performance, the "Rape is wrong!" at the end restored the WTF to my face.

    This feels quite 1980-y to me, which makes sense, 'cause that's the early 1990's.

    I have a hunch that this blog focuses on New Zealander oddities. Was that the case with Rap Against Rape?

    Off-topic 1: any World Cup thoughts? NZ is doing just as good as the current world champion, you know.

    Off-topic 2: I recently posted about a very interesting webseries which is already in its fourth season. Yes, in Portuguese, but there are always the pretty pictures and the pretty links to play with. ;D

  2. Well, the Rap Against Rape clip is from Ireland...

    I don't really follow the football, but I *am* kinda proud of the All Whites for getting as far as they have.

    I'm gonna use google translate on your post about the webseries :)

  3. Oh, so you did get out of NZ this time. Thanks, Internet.

    Hahahaha, OMG, beware of the awfulness of machine translation (it's not specifically a Google Translator issue)! Thank you a lot though, for taking a deeper look at the post. I gave quite a few important details on The Guild.

    P. S.: you know what? I'm afraid of what GT might do to my post. I'll put it there myself and send you a dA note with corrections.

  4. Aww, thanks man, I really appreciate you taking the time to translate it for me ^___^

  5. You're welcome, but Google did most of the work, hehe.

  6. I actually met Hazel O'Connor last year. She was a great post-punk musician who released a fantastic debut album "Breaking Glass" and also starred in a film of the same name about stage managed bands. Nowadays she is doing a stage show about her life and musical career and doing performances of classic punk songs as folk songs only accompanied by a harp. This of course is a black period in her history which she doesn't talk about.

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